Fashion & Textile

Superior protection for clothing, shoes, furniture and outdoor textiles.

Impregnation products that will make all your clothing and footwear long lasting water, oil and dirt repellent. Colorless, invisible and the treated material remains 100% breathable. The product contains no wax or silicone. The dirt-repellent impregnation are also easy to clean oil, cola, wine or food scraps. Easy swipe away with a damp cloth is sufficient. Suitable for cotton, mixed fabrics and textiles. And applicable to jeans/ cotton trousers, sneakers and all suede shoes, cotton/mixed fabrics, jackets and coats. For use on jeans it is recommended to dry the jeans treated with heat (hair dryer or ironing), so the reaction will be (re)activated.

Also applicable to furniture, carpet, umbrellas, tent and outdoor cushions (mixed fabrics).

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