House & Garden

For everything in and around the house.

Products for outdoor and indoor. For cleaning, protection and renovation. of high quality. Smart products with special properties. Cleaning and prevent green algae smooth terraces, scaffolding and furniture, to maintenance cleaning solutions and anti-lime scale and mildew in bathrooms.
For use on natural materials like wood but stones in the garden and around the house. Wherein the long-term water-repellent materials are treated, additional algae and fungal growth is prevented, UV-protection is added and the materials stay longer in a clean and protected condition. Treated materials retain their natural appearance, structure and functioning.

In addition, ProFluid offers cleaning, maintenance and protection products for indoors. For bathroom tiles, toilet, windows, (aluminium of coated) kitchen appliances, sink, cranes and ceramic. Products against fungal and limescale, or create very smooth surfaces, that are water repellent, self-cleaning and of poor maintenance. Smart products with special features focused on ease of maintenance and savings on maintenance costs.

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