Teak protection, boat paint & plastic protection

Smart products that fear of boat owners, can solve. For the treatment of teak decks, our Clean and Care Products take care for a high-quality and long-acting protection.

Fuel stains, oil stains, food stains, wine and ketchup stains belong to the past due to proper treatment effective in the past. After treatment a damp cloth is enough again to have a lengthy clean teak deck. And thus significantly increase the fun onboard. For the frame construction, polyester structure and surface ship (paint or gelcoat) applicable to plastic, polyester, glass or plastic windows and coated parts, ProFluid offers an invisible cleaning&protection product, anti static and self-cleaning, including UV-filter against sun radiation as well as increase shine. As a result the surface will become both hydrophobic and hydrophilic. Without stripes and lime residue on drying. Workable with fresh and salt water. Clean Spray and wipe dry the paint is then sail an easy and enjoyable task after a day. For all stainless steel and aluminum fittings, specific cleaning and active protection coatings available.

Smart, effective and active long-acting products that enhance the enjoyment on board, lower maintenance costs and preserve the value of your ship.

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