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ProFluid provides a sophisticated and focused assortment for many market segments. Powered by a close collaboration in partnerships. And therefore ProFluid products are specifically designed for these segments. From our laboratory where international technology, meets chemistry and development experience. From lab scale to scientifically sound field testing and release protocols. Resulting in surprising and new product-market for our customers.
ProFluid is both active in the B2B and B2C market.

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Nanotechnology and Lotus Plant

In rain beads off the rainwater from the leaf of the lotus plant. The raindrop has hardly any contact with the surface of the blade. The core of this finding was replicated in science and scaled up to what is today “nano-coating” refers.

Nanotechnology being the basis fort handling very small sizes and layers util the level of molecules and atoms. Something you can only experience through an electron microscope. A an example: 1 nanometer= 1 millionth of a millimeter. 1 tennis-ball is 1 billion times larger than 1 nanometer. The diameter of 1 hair is 80.000 nanometer.

Nanotechnology has become a socially very relevant technology and changes our lives. Wherein new features, materials and systems can be built that result in improved products or entirely new applications. Nanotechnology is now used by, inter alia, medicines, sunscreens, paint coatings, textile and light food. Nanotechnology makes existing products special and gives endless future applications only partially known. The nanotechnology-based ProFluid protection thereby giving a water- and oil-repellent coating on wood or stone, which is both invisible and remains 100% breathable. And gives less maintenance burden on the environment caused by the prolonged action.

Advantages of nanotechnology coatings

Biggest advantage of these coatings is the extreme chemical and mechanical load to the bearer material after drying; both heat and frost resistant , including UV-stability.

More advantages than disadvantages

The Dutch government has the nanotech cluster (part Topsector Policy) indicated that this technology has to develop on multiple fields (NanoNextNL). Meanwhile, the Dutch nanotech cluster plays a leading role in Europe. Nanotech has also fallen into both a promising technique as a reservation. Nanotechnology creates many new application areas. At the same time, one wonders whether nanotech example is sufficiently safe to skin contact or ingestion through food contact. And thus a priori ban in consumer products: a complicated, but rightly cautious approach, given the presence of nano-proteins in milk or inner layer coating chips bags or cosmetics. It’s all a matter of thorough testing, scientific tests and sufficient appropriate safety precautions. The approach pursued by ProFluid. Supported by various scientific institutes.

Apart from nano based product, ProFluid also develops non specifically nano based product (hybrid technology).

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