Who we are

Our laboratory in Belgium provides the basis for our innovative strength. With a team of experienced and versatile colleagues we work continuously to improve our products, developing new product-market combinations and professional services. Based on the belief that the combination of R & D, market knowledge and creative entrepreneurship, create new propositions for customers. And thus ensure future sales.

With over 20 years experience and focus on chemical processes and nanotechnology. It is our belief and practice innovations and fast time-to-market, both in prosperity and adversity are the basis for future security. Here we are also highly organised. With good connections between universities and our laboratory. With quality products as a condition and results.

In addition, our strength lies partly in our customer focus; We maintain close contact and listen carefully to our diverse customers and segments. Which means we are testing and more testing, continuous work on improvements or new insights on existing products. Where desirable custom developed as finished products or as industrial additive.

To succeed in the diversity to its segments, ProFluid has multiple partnerships: partnerships where specific market knowledge and authority joins the innovative (custom) solutions of ProFluid. Thus we have a valuable strategic partner, we remain the technology leader and we work together with our customers to future sales.

The Brand ProFluid

A brand that stands for innovation, flexibility, quality and creativity. A brand that as an innovative engine contributes to development of new product / market combinations for our customers. Thus giving confidence and direction. Therefore, a team of experts ensures the translation of input from our customers and key market trends for often surprising new solutions. That is our innovative strength. That makes for smart products.

ProFluid. Smart fluids.


ProFluid seeks rapid innovative solutions to existing problem areas to offer customers unique propositions and environmentally responsible new product-market combinations. As a basis for structural growth in sales and cooperation.