Clean 205 // Glass Cleaner

Strong cleaner for textile stains and cleaning “hard” materials on board such as: plastic, painted surfaces, aluminum and glass / windows. Water-based product, anti-static, anti-fouling. Creates gloss and is durable in use. Streak free drying.

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A concentrated, durable, active cleaning and protection tool for regular cleaning of your boat, with special properties and glossy result. For application to all materials on board, both structure and hull.

Application instructions for glass cleaner Clean 205

A fast and effective cleaning agent for all kinds of “hard” materials on board. The application is suitable for regular cleaning of plastic (construction), the painted parts, metals, the gelcoat, rubbers, glass or plastic framework or cover/ protective sails. And is also suitable for cleaning rubber floats of rubber boats as well as textile cleaning of deck cushions and seats (both in mixed textile fabrics or plastics). The product is very durable in consumption with only 1 cap of concentrate per liter of water in a bucket, which takes into account the preservation of the aquatic environment. The mixed solution can then be applied with broom or mop everywhere. In case of severe pollution, the concentration can simply be increased as desired.
After cleaning, rinse the materials with clean water and dry with a mop or the like. Next to cleaning properties, the product also has anti-static and self-cleaning properties and creates a beautiful shiny affect after treatment. The action is strengthened with regular use.

Combine with Protec 206 for ultimate protection

For the regular and recurring cleaning jobs with the Wash & Shine 205, we recommend that you protect the cleaned body and hull at least once a year with the Protec 206 High Gloss Protection. A long lasting wax replacement with unique properties. This combination will guarantee you a boat in optimal condition and appearance for the entire season. With time gain and ease of maintenance!

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500 ML, 1000 ML


10 ml / 1 m²

Drying time

15 minutes




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