Care 102 // Wood & Stone Protection

Liquid for renovating and invisible long, active wood protection. Water- and oil-repellent, UV-filter, long-lasting protection against algae, parasites, and aging. No maintenance needed. Operation up till 1 year, depending on specific circumstances.

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Amaze yourself with the very special operation of our Care 102 wood and stone impregnation. With this liquid, you make a 100% water-repellent stone and wood, which is completely invisible. Also the treated wood remains 100% breathable.

Application instructions for wood protector Care 102

The product can be simply applied by use of a brush or paint roller. You apply just as much product until it begins to foam on the surface. At that moment, you know that enough product has been applied. The wood absorbs the product immediately. When applied, the wooden surface will become slightly more dark being wet, but will take its original color again while drying. You do not have to work as accurately as with other products because the Care 102 dries 100% invisible without striping and the like. An extensive application instruction can be found on the product packaging.

The Care 102 is suitable for most wood and porous stone types. An exact list of suitable materials can be found here. If you are not sure about the effect on the material you are processing, please feel free to contact us. We would like to advise you, or advise better suited product.

Protect painted wood

In case you want to provide the wood with a color and also treat the wood with the Care 102, you can apply both as long as you choose a water-based color bit. After staining and drying, the painted wood can be further impregnated with the Care 102. Without color difference.

Long lasting wood protection

Care 102 is a very long-acting product. Depending on the application, the conditions and the method of application it can protect your wood 1 to 2 years. The product will in principle continue to work until it is cleared off by environmental factors such as weather, shadow side, under trees etc.

The product reacts with the substrate to add properties to the existing material. Optically, the material is still as before treatment, but at the molecular level, the structure of the material is enriched, thus rendering the water and oil repellency. In case of smaal accidents on the wood, simply swiping this away with a damp cloth is sufficient to prevent fat and wine spots from being pulled in. Your wood and stone are again self-cleaning as it was before.

Other products will always adjust the color or appearance of the material to be treated, but Care 102 leaves the material 100% unchanged. It’s invisible after drying and the wood remains 100% breathable. It makes the appearance as it is meant to be. The protective effect is only visible when the material comes into contact with moisture like water or oil. In addition, the operation of this product is very durable and more intensive than comparable products from other brands. The product loads the environment far less because of its low maintenance frequency and long-acting. That’s why it’s an absolute premium product.

Before use shake well, read the instructions on the label and follow the safety instructions carefully. During application it is always good to put the product outdoors or else in a well-ventilated room. Once treated wood does not create any chemical residual waste and therefore it is also safe and durable to the environment.

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500 ML, 1000 ML, 2500 ML, 5000 ML


10 m² / Liter

Drying time

1 hour




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