Care 206 // Protector for smooth surfaces

High gloss long-acting (up to 1 year) coating. No silicone. Active protection for boat superstructure and hull. Fills micro scratches, less dirt adhesion, antistatic and gives hydrophilic and hydrophobic effect. Product is water based and environmentally friendly with very low consumption. Reduces lime deposits and remaining lime deposits after a boat trip will be easily removed with a damp cloth. To be combined with regular application of PF Wash & Shine 205 which reinforce each other. Applicable in freshwater and saltwater environments.

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A very long lasting, durable, smooth, high gloss protection for all materials on board, for both construction and hull. This wax replacement offers a multitude of extra features that are invisible and guarantee a long-lasting high gloss appearance of your boat. This one product for all materials will save you a lot of time. And just as important; the long-acting appearance and repetitive use also influences in a positive way the residual value of your boat!

Protec 206: a versatile product

The Protec 206 is a versatile application for all the hard materials of your boat. And is developed from the automotive industry for application to boat materials and adapted to sweet and saltwater environments. The application is suitable for; plastic (construction), lacquered parts, metals, gelcoat, rubber and plastic rubbers and frames. And is also suitable for rubber floats of rubber boats. The product does not leave any residue and does not affect rubbers. What makes it a very versatile and user-friendly product; one product for all materials also will save you a lot of time.

Unique protection method for glass, polyester and smooth surfaces

The product can be easily applied with the sprayer, is water-based and is very durable in consumption. Not more than 6 ml per m2, or 8-10 sprays, are sufficient to achieve the desired result. After spraying, you can immediately rub the applied product with a microfiber cloth. The processing temperature is between 10-30 degrees Celsius.

The product connects to the surface in a smart way, which makes it extremely smooth. A precondition for anti-adhesion of dirt and easy cleaning. In addition, the surface obtains a long-acting polished high gloss appearance, but without having to polish it. The protection effect is up to 1 year, which is much longer than many waxes available that are used for boats. A wax replacement, which guarantees that 1x per year of treatment is sufficient for a continuous glossy appearance. Cleaning after cleaning. Therefore the product is also very sustainable in use.
Especially if you clean the boat regularly with the PF Wash & Shine 205. This is actually reinforcing the affect. The applied product has hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties at the same time; which technically implies that water is collected and then discharged from the surface again. Just as you find on well-protected car lacquers. Furthermore, the product will fill micro cracks, the surface becomes anti-static (less dirt adhesion on plastics) and reaches a high level of self-cleaning property because of the extreme smoothness of the surface. After sailing, you will find that cleansing of the hull of possible limestone residue is a matter of a damp cloth wiping it away.
Due to its versatile and many special features, we call it respectfully a unique premium product for the boat.

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150 ML, 250 ML


6 ml / 1 m²

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24 hours




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