Clean & Protec 401 // Interior Protection

For sanitary, tiles, kitchen appliances (aluminum), metal, plastics and plastic parts. A smart 2-in-1 product of both cleaning and protection. Ensures an active antistatic and self-cleaning effect and durable in use. Regular use increases the ease of cleaning and provides a continuous clean and shiny appearance.

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A unique product by combining 2 features in 1 product, cleaning and protection in 1, saving you time and achieving a shiny result. With a very wide scope of use in your home.

Application instructions for Clean & Protec 401 interior protection

A very durable product in consumption, which allows you to clean and protect almost anything in your home. For daily or regular use and great results. The product, in addition to cleaning, also protects surfaces and has anti-static and self-cleaning properties. Making an invisible smooth and hard surface which makes dirt attaches less. This implies that any next cleaning & protection job makes the cleaning process easier, which in the end saves time (and costs). The result being a bright and beautiful shiny surface as if materials are brand new again! A grateful job indeed.

The application is easy to use with a wide scope of application, You can apply to all plastics, hard-painted parts, ceramics, all sanitary and kitchen appliances as well as kitchen sheets of aluminum or other metals or steel frameworks. In short, one product that fits all materials that you can find in your house.

We recommend to use our PF Clean 105 as a first step in case of highly contaminated surfaces. PF Clean 105 is a pure and very effective cleaning product. This way the substrate to be treated is clean enough and ready for regular cleaning & protection. After all, sanitary and kitchen will continue to become contaminated every day. In other cases you can apply the PF Clean & Protec 401 product directly with the sprayer. Apply in small areas (max 1 m2) at a time. You can rub the treated area straight away with a wiping cloth (microfiber cloth). Polish it up if you want with a thick cloth, so that the operation is activated faster. But that’s not necessary. After 8 hours the product is active. The product is very easy to process and wil take little time because of the 2 in 1 function, including a very shiny result. And is therefore ideal for daily or regular cleaning in sanitary and kitchen. Regular use reinforces the operation which makes cleaning faster and faster.

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500 ML, 1000 ML


10 ml / 1 m²

Drying time

8 hours


Cleaner, Protector


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