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A stain in your sofa or clothing is very annoying and a shame! Pro Fluid has a quick and easy solution for you. Dissolve a cap of Clean 501 in a liter of water. Just soak with a sponge or soft brush and your stain is gone.

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Unique cleaner based on nano technology. PF Clean 501 easily cleans awkward stains from cotton, mixed plastic textiles, denim and suede. It is supplied as a concentrated liquid. Because you only use one cap per liter of water you can clean an enormous amount of textile with one bottle.

Cleaning textile

If you cannot remove difficult stains with normal detergent, the Clean 501 may be the solution for you. This product has been developed for the textile industry, but it is now also available to consumers in this form.

Clean garden cushions

One of the most used applications of the PF Clean 501 is the cleaning of garden cushions and parasols. The PF Clean 501 removes weather stains and mold from textiles. The protective layer of the textile will then disappear. To make garden cushions and parasols water-repellent again, use the Protec 502 textile spray.

Low foam

PF Clean 501 works through a smart composition of fabrics. These fabrics are colorless and do not affect existing textiles. Many products work by oily components and by foaming. This is not necessary with the Clean 501. It is therefore less harmful to the environment and can be applied well to delicate textiles.

The application is a piece of cake

Cleaning with PF Clean 501 is very easy:

  1. First shake the bottle well.
  2. Mix 1 cap with 1 liter of water.
  3. Carefully apply the cleaner with a sponge or a soft brush.
  4. After 1-3 minutes of soaking, wipe the surface with a wet, clean cloth.
  5. In case of strong pollution you can increase the dosage and repeat the treatment.
  6. After cleaning, do not forget the application with Protec 502 for optimum protection.

Pay attention: Bear in mind that there are fabrics that color the textile fibers to the core. In such an extreme case, the Clean 501 will unfortunately not offer a solution. But for all other cases, this is the most powerful solution on the market.

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