Protec 502 // Textile Protection

Impregnation suitable for cotton and mixed fabric textiles. A water, oil and dirt-repellent impregnation with long operation. Colorless and 100% breathable For application to jeans/ cotton trousers, cotton / mixed fabrics jackets, suede shoes and all type of sneakers. Also applicable to furniture, umbrellas, tent, outdoor cushions (mixed fabrics or plastic fabrics).

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A highly effective and long-lasting protection for textiles, clothing and footwear that makes the material water, oil and dirt repellent, colorless while the fabric stays 100% breathable.

Application instructions for textile protection Protec 502

The product is suitable for: cotton, mixed plastic fabrics,
jeans, mixed fabrics, suede. And is ideally suitable for: (suede) shoes & sneakers, jeans, jackets / jacks, furniture, umbrellas, curtains and outdoor pillows and cushions. After treatment, the materials will become very durable as well as long lasting in comparison to other products: materials will be long lasting water and dirt repellant (for 6- 12 months), partly depending on usage and conditions. The fluid which makes a connection to the textile fibers, has a UV filter for preservation of colors and is completely 100% vapor-permeable despite the colorless protection. After treatment and drying, the material obtains a pearling effect when tested with water. The result is more than special; while applying plain water, the water just runs off your shoe or coat being completely water repellant .No water absorption takes place anymore. Another advantage is that when applied to sneakers/ suede shoes, your shoes will become easy clean as well.
Due to the wide application of the protection to all kinds of materials, for example, your outdoor material like bench cushions, parasols on the terrace or textiles on board of a yacht, the protected materials will become more resistant to vapor attack and moisture molds, while keeping the material clean and colorfast. And 100% breathable.

Cleaning after treatment

In the event of possible contamination, the dirt can easily be swiped away with a damp cloth because of the water and dirt repellent property.
In case of severe contamination, you can use the PF Clean 501 instead. In case the protection has been reduced afterwards, you can simply repeat the impregnation treatment. Just as after a long time of use, the operation of the protection will decrease in time. You can than simply repeat the treatment.

Application instructions

Shake well first. To start first wet the material with water. Next step is to spray the product with the trigger at a 15-20 cm distance from the material until pearls develop. After 6-12 hours of drying time, where you should not burden the protection with water or oil in order to get an optimal reaction and performance, the product is fully protected.


Tip 1: When using a tumble dryer/ hair dryer, the applied product is activated faster because of the heat activation.
Tip 2: If you have washed a previously treated cotton trouser or jeans in the washing machine and you iron (without steam) the material afterwards, the water repellency will be reactivated! Provided the pelleting effect for washing was still fine, the material did not get firmly scrubbed or has been taken to the dry cleaner. In all cases, you can simply repeat the impregnation treatment.

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