Clean 201 // Teak Cleaner

Environmentally friendly water-based product. Makes dirty and weathered teak wood thoroughly and effectively clean and brings teak wood back into original condition. After treatment, to combine with long-lasting, active teak protection PF Care 202.

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A very effective teak cleaning and renovation product for light and/or heavily polluted teak deck and untreated wooden decking furniture. The product cleans the teak of aging/greying, green attack, fungi and dirt. Intensive brushing which often is the case, is no longer needed. The Clean 201 Teak Cleaner ensures a quick, very effective and surprisingly clean teak deck. As if it is new again. Being unprotected after cleaning, the teak is ready for long term protection with the PF Care 202 Teak Protection.

Application instructions for teakwood cleaner Clean 201

The product is easy to use: after wetting the wood surface with water, a small amount of sprinkling on the teak is already sufficient. Simply use the scrub brush to spread over the surface and then brush it in. The product will slightly foam. You will be amazed at the amount of dirt that is removed directly and visibly from the wood. Rinse well with clean water and brush away the dirt until the clean wood remains. In case of heavy pollution, you can simply repeat the treatment. It will definitely be getting cleaner. Make sure that the sprinkled portion does not dry up in the meantime. Simply adding some extra water and re-brushing is usually sufficient. In case the wood is fully dried again, you can simply repeat the treatment from the beginning. Residual material on brass and / or buildup and rails can be removed with a damp cloth. If you would like further questions about the treatment or types of wood, we would be happy to advise you.

Operation instructions for teakwood cleaner Clean 201

The product is applicable to teak and wooden deck furniture, also if the latter are of other wood types. For example oak, bancirai, pine, Douglas, etc. For the removal of green deposits, grayish wood, fungi and dirt. The cleaning ensures the wood returning into its original natural appearance.
A big difference with the many teak cleaning product offers available on the market is that Clean 201’s operation is very fast and effective. Wetting, sprinkling and brushing an average teak deck is a matter of short time without any intense brushing! With guaranteed clean result. That is making this product a unique and surprising product in the market.

The consumption is very durable in consumption: 10-15 m2 per liter. In addition, the product is water-based, which makes the water environment better protected.

Because the teakwood is completely unprotected after cleaning, we recommend Step 2: protect it for a long time with our PF Care 202 Teak Protection.

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500 ML, 1000 ML

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24 hours




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