Protec 406 // Mold Protection

Almost all anti-fungal products in the bathroom are intended for the short term. You continue to use them throughout the year. That is now a thing of the past with this active fungal protector. This unique product based on nano technology actively protects against mold for up to three years. Use the product in the bathroom and in wet areas on joints, stucco, wood and other absorbent surfaces.

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Everyone knows the heavy chemical products that fight mold and attack in the bathroom. It is often an antifungal based on chlorine. Every time a tedious job to do this, certainly because you know that the fungus returns within a short time. ProFluid has now developed a product that prevents mold from appearing at all. And the great thing is that this is very easy to apply and also works for a very long time, even up to three years!

Note: This product is a mold protector, the surface must already be clean before treatment.

Key benefits of the nano protector

  • Protects very long-term, up to three years, against mold and attack.
  • Safe to use, low on the environment and does not discolour the surface.
  • Very easy to apply, simply spray on the surface and let it absorb.
  • Zeer uitgebreide toepassingsmogelijkheden van de nano protector

The nano protector works on all absorbent surfaces such as tile joints, plastered or packaged ceilings and walls and wooden elements. You don’t have to be afraid of discolorations. Once applied, it will disappear colorless. The surfaces do not become water-repellent, as with many other pro-fluid products. It is purely intended to prevent mold and attack.

Durable and economical to use

Only a small amount of product is needed to protect the surface. Spray a few times and then have it withdrawn. With a 250 ml bottle you can treat approximately 2 – 3 m². This surface is then protected against attack and mold for up to three years. You do not have to use aggressive mildew cleansers during that time.


  1. Make sure the surface is cleaned.
  2. Ventilate the room well during the treatment and during the drying process.
  3. Shake well before use.
  4. Spray the surface to be treated.
  5. Let it work for 24 hours.
  6. Remove any excess product on, for example, tiles with a damp cloth.

Efficiency: Approximately 2-3 m² / 250 ml.

Additional information

Weight N/A

10 m² / Liter

Drying time

24 hours





250 ML


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