Care 103 // Stone Cleaner & Protector

Water- and oil-repellent fluid. With UV filter. Prevents further growth of algae, fungi and other water sensitive parasites. Product has a self cleaning property. Currently, long-lasting protection against pollution and acid rain. Operation 1-2 years without new maintenance, depending on specific circumstances. Suitable for porous stone.

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Everyone knows the problem of contaminated and green terraces, paths and scaffolds, which become dangerously slippery by rain. The self cleaning Care 103 solves this problem quickly, wile the treated surface becomes water and oil repellent and the treated material returns into its original condition. A particularly effective product for long-term protection of green and smooth surfaces of stone and wood.

Application instructions for stone cleaner and protector Care 103

Where the impregnation with Care 102 is meant to keep the wood long-acting in new condition, an esthetic solution, the Care 103 has a more functional solution. The application does not clean the wood from the inside into new state but is intended to keep cleaned stone and wood, such as walking paths, scaffolds, terraces, concrete tiles and so on for the sake of long-term anti-slippery smoothness. So you can remain safe at all weather conditions.

When applied the material becomes water and oil repellent. As a result, green deposits and fungi are further prevented and, in addition to a cleaner appearance, the treated surface has a safe, clean running surface as a result.

The application can be applied directly to a contaminated surface, yet polluted. The first step is to moisten the material with water. Then the Care 103 can be applied correctly with brush and/ or roller in case of large areas. Only allow the product to react by drying and do not charge with water for the first 24 hours to realize an active operation. The result of the special and unique self-cleaning effect is only visible after 1-3 days. And will surprise you! The surface becomes cleaner and cleaner over time. That goes without saying and you do not have to do anything for that. Just apply once and let it work for itself! A uniquely active product that will keep your surfaces clean and non slippery for 1-2 years minimum.

Amazing cleaning effect for stone surfaces

The unique property of Care 103 is its self-cleaning feature. After making the surface water and oil repellant, the active property will clean contaminated surfaces by itself by drying out all surface material, thus achieving a self-cleaning property. This also implicates that the stone or wood surface will become cleaner and cleaner in time. Water repellency reduces further growth of green deposits and fungi, whereas remainders subsequently drained by rainfall or watering. Also a rain shower or bucket of water can accelerate that process with prolonged drought. The self-cleaning effect will not clear the aging or greying out of the wood, but will keep the surface free of smoothness and green appearance. Only in wet weather you will see the difference between treated and untreated. Untreated stone and wood will then be dark, filled with water, while the treated part has a much lighter appearance; The water just remains on the surface but does not pull it in!

The application of the product leaves a slight light colored glow on the stone or wood material after drying, so it is advisable to first do a small testing area in case of doubt.

Long lasting protection for stone surfaces

The self-cleaning function of the product ensures the long-term appearance of smooth and green surfaces so you can keep safe and see clean paths, terraces and scaffolds. Due to material, weather conditions and location, the product definitely lasts more than 2 years.

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